The Ugly Trend: Birkenstocks

Lately I have seen so many girls around my school’s campus wearing Birkenstocks ranging in colors from plain black to an ugly mustard yellow color.  And honestly all I think is, “Why would anyone spend around a hundred dollars on clunky ugly sandals?” To make matters worse Birkenstocks have become popular among high end designers who create replicas of these sandals and display them on their runway such as Giambattista ValliCéline, and Givenchy who’s replicas cost range into the hundreds of dollars. These popular sandals have also made their way into celebrities wardrobes and while some do manage to make the sandal look stylish others fail miserably. In all honesty the Birkenstock fad is something that I’m just going to take a pass on; I simply do not find them appealing but that’s just my opinion.

Birkenstock Arizona ($120)

Giambattista Valli Studded Black Leather Flat Sandals ($834)

Céline Furkenstock ($895)

Givenchy Floral Print Double-Strap Flat Sandals ($795)


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