Luxurious Vintage Chanel Up For Sale

The American online retailer Nasty Gal is known for their fashion geared towards their younger female consumers. But Nasty Gal has recently announced their, Vintage Goldmine. Starting this Monday, November 10th, for the next five weeks the site will unveil items up for sale from some of the world’s most iconic luxury designers. Their first items will be Vintage Chanel pieces so you definitely don’t want to miss out this Monday. Perhaps you can score a precious piece for yourself or as a gift which will top all others. Take a look at my favorite of the gems that are going up for sale.

Chanel Vintage Chanel Velvet Jumbo Bag $4,800

Chanel Vintage Chanel Quilted Wave Bag $2,850

Chanel Vintage Mother of Pearl Coin Cuff $2,200

Chanel Vintage Chanel No.19 Perfume Bottle Necklace $2,650

Chanel Vintage Chanel Saint Andre Gingham Set $3,200

Chanel Vintage Chanel Caen Strapless Dress $1,800

Chanel Vintage Chanel Orleans Sweater Dress $1,600

Chanel Vintage Chanel La Rochelle Wool/Silk Blanket $1,450


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