Styling Gladiator Sandals

It looks like this summer you’ll be seeing many fashion conscious individuals wearing the “Gladiator Sandal.” This ancient sandal, which dates back to 246 B.C., is popular among music festival goers, but was once the go to shoe of gods and goddesses according to Greek mythology. Today we’ll be styling the Thebes Knee-High Gladiator Sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals.

This summer you’ll definitely want to wear something that will help you cope with this unbearable heat so a slip dresses will become your best friends. If the Calypso St.Barths dress down below is not in your price range check out Free People or Urban Outfitters; both offer great quality dresses at lower prices.

To accessorize you should match the color of your sandals to your accessories. In this case the the sunglasses, watch and tote are all black, while the silver necklace nicely complements the black and white found in this outfit.Weekend Style

Weekend Style by Make’EmStare on Polyvore

Calypso St.Barths Linen Sundress
$250 –

Balenciaga Black Tote Bag
$2,295 –

DKNY Silver Tone Necklace
$225 –

Apple Watch
$599 –

$300 –

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