Styling: A Plaid Shirt

Styling a plaid shirt can sometimes be tricky if you don’t want to look like you just put on the first things you saw in your closet. In this set I was able to style a gorgeous Thom Browne plaid top with a Marc Jacobs A-Line skirt and Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots to give the outfit a preppy look. I also added a chic Balenciaga bag and some Tom Ford sunglasses to finalize the look. Using black, grey and white gave the outfit a cleaner, sleeker look. And if you don’t like black remember the color has a slimming effect so why not take a chance.Plaid Shirt - Greys
Plaid Shirt – Greys by Make’EmStare on Polyvore

Thom Browne Plaid Top
$1,900 –

Marc Jacobs Black Skirt
$695 –

Stuart Weitzman Thigh High Boots
$640 –

Balenciaga Black Handbag
$2,295 –

Tom Ford Cat Eye Sunglasses
$380 –

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